Nivaan the Saviour

I bring your ideas to life and help you communicate them in easy, simple, compelling graphics, visualization, and animation with my superpowers.

All of us are born with superpowers. I discovered mine in the most strange and bizarre way! Here’s my story:

When I was a baby, I discovered the most potent weapon to get attention. Crying! Babies can cry for food or entertainment. Usually, moms figure it out. When my mom did, she either fed me or showed me cartoons on her mobile phone.

This was so much fun that I began doing this in my dreams too. I could do anything in those dreams. In my world, alphabets walk and talk. I chase the earth rotating around the sun. I’m a secret agent on an important mission to save the planet from the alien apocalypse. Just about anything could be done.

Oh Boy! This got me in a lot of trouble too. My math teacher thought I was a weirdo. Apparently, a dog eating the numbers to be added and shitting out the sum wasn’t an appropriate doodle! Ramu can buy 25 chocolates for no reason, but my dog can’t shit added numbers? Who’s weird?

But, everything changed when I met Pradyumn.

Miss Shyamala was teaching us about our brains. As a result, I began doing my own toon show as my subconscious started listing my strengths and shortcomings. And out of the blue, there he was, Pradyumn!

The first thing he said to me was, “Do you want to see a surprise?” I wasn’t sure what I would be seeing, but I nodded. Then he opened a door and disappeared somewhere. Soon, the only sound I began hearing was that of Shyamala miss. Each word she uttered was crystal clear and uninterrupted.

What happened next was something that I’d never forget. A thought bubble appeared over Pradyumn and began showing images. I realized that those images were my creation. Pradyumn said, “Now think about a story you could build!”

As I began weaving the story based on the words I heard, Pradyumn took out a thread and started tying up the images and the words. Pradyumn weaved stories after stories about everything that happened that day, etching those stories in my memory.

When I went to sleep that day, Pradyumn was there. He said, “Nivaan! Everyone is born with the superpowers they need. It’s your turn to discover them. I am here till you learn it all.

That’s how I got all my superpowers. Now, I use them to bring ideas to life!

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