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Building Biconomy's Blockchain Benefits Story

Simplifying a complex product

Nivaan used his superpowers to come up with a brilliant problem-agitate-solution storytelling model that simplifies Biconomy's next generation web3.0 product.

  • Use Problem-Agitate-Solution storytelling model
  • Use intricate and subtle animations to create a stunning visual experience
  • Build a runway to position the client as a pioneer

Comdex gets to tell it's story in 30 seconds

Nivaan showed Comdex that they can explain the benefits of their complex product and establish rapport with their customers in 30 seconds.

  • Optimizes visual and verbal content to achieve a short time span.
  • Synergizes words and visuals so that what is left unsaid is still communicated
  • Maintain visual continuity across scenes, tying them together into a cohesive story

Visually representing simplicity and ease of use

Nivaan's superpowers play up the simplicity and ease of use of Powerlinx with a narrative flow that mixes up the power of the app with its ease of use, creating the perfectly balanced message.

  • Use your app's screenshots to create a visually realistic image
  • Perfectly ladder the app's features and benefits
  • Visually represent simplicity and ease of use of the mobile app.

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