Frequently Asked Questions


There are several crucial factors when it comes to determining our prices, the style of the video, its length and timelines being a few of the primary ones.

That being said, it will cost you anywhere between $2000 and $5000 for an animated video.

If you are interested in an accurate quote, feel free to get in touch with us here.

Yes, you will possess the complete copyrights for the animated videos. You are free to utilize them as per your convenience, however and whenever you please.

Our usual turnaround time is from three to five weeks. We will require some additional time to incorporate our client’s feedback into the final deliverable.

We can definitely speed up the process and reduce our turnaround time at the right price. However, we recommend not to rush the procedure since developing a creative and engaging animated video will naturally consume time.

We understand there are instances when you won’t be having another alternative and for such scenarios, we can curate an agreement outlining a specific timeline to meet your requirements.

Sometimes, this might include fewer changes, let’s get in touch to briefly discuss the same.

You will receive your video in HD format. The video will be a QuickTime animation that possesses an H264 compression. With the format mentioned above, you can upload the videos on your preferable video hosting platforms including YouTube. If you need the video to be in a specific format, do let us know and our team will share the same.

There are numerous businesses out there which is why we can’t provide a single answer for the same. The style that will fit your business’s purpose the best depends on your niche, who your target audience is and your brand.

If you require a specific response to this, leave it to us. We will share a creative brief with you and once you have filled it, our team will schedule a brief call where we will be discussing the types of videos that will fit your brand and click with your business’s purpose.

We will analyze your requirements and conclude our judgement based on our expertise, we will proceed with the best video type accordingly after consulting with you.

It’s very unlikely for us to not have created an animated video in your industry since our clients belong to diverse industries. With years of expertise, our team is quite familiar with how to execute perfection when it comes to creating videos for any specific industry.

Here is a quick glimpse on the most well-known industries we have worked with: Information Technology | Health and Wellness | Finance | Marketing & Advertising | Fitness & Sports | Edtech

We suggest you browse through our portfolio to go through our examples for a better understanding. Can’t seem to find your industry in our portfolio? Feel free to get in touch, and we will adapt to your requirements accordingly.

Our in-house team incorporates writers who excel at curating topnotch scripts for animated videos specifically. Regardless, if you have a script of your own, you could send it across and we will try to abide by it. However, this won’t influence the budget since we will have to proofread the script and exchange feedback on our end anyways.

Explainer videos are referred to by numerous terms, demo videos and sales videos being a few common names. Besides these two, you can refer to explainer videos as animated marketing videos, startup videos, cartoon marketing videos, promo videos and many more. These names are used for the same thing so there is nothing to worry about.

Animated explainer videos offer businesses a lucrative edge over their competitors in today’s digital marketing landscape. This trend is similar to the essence of having a professional website for your business.

Animated explainer videos will make your business stand out online!

Numerous statistics have already proven the conversion rates businesses get from videos and how effective they are when it comes to marketing.

At Nivaan Studios, we try to simplify things as much as we can. We follow a simple procedure which leaves ample space to integrate your feedback and requests into the final deliverables. If you wish to understand this process in brief, browse through our “How we Work” page.

Once we have completed a part of the production, our clients are offered two rounds for exchanging their feedback with regards to the edits and modifications they require. After you are satisfied with the changes, then only will we proceed further.

We also understand that there are times when a few more revisions might be needed, in this case, we are happy to help! However, additional revisions will impact the budget and the turnaround duration as well.

Usually, most of our clients require a single round of revision but if you need more, it’s completely fine.

Yes, we can definitely assist you with several animated videos in bulk! Our team of experts will tend to your request for bulk animated videos with care. However, we hope you understand that this request will increase our production cycle based on how many videos you require.

Feel free to get in touch, so we could have a call scheduled to discuss what you require in brief. A call will help us understand your requirements better and once we have finalized on things, our team will share a contract. After you have signed it and transferred 50% of the payment upfront, our team will proceed with working on your requirement.

Here are a few statistics that will provide you clarity as to why you should use videos for your business and personal branding:

  • Experts have forecasted that videos will occupy an 82% share of the entire IP traffic by 2022.
  • Animated explainer videos tend to get 20% more conversions.
  • Animation is one of the greatest approaches implemented by businesses to lure in the attention of their target audience. It has been utilized by the entertainment and education industry even before we recognized its amazing potential in terms of marketing.

    Animation provides you with numerous opportunities to curate and send across a powerful message that engages with your audience, your creativity being the only limit here.

    And what’s the best part? Animation is budget-friendly!

    An animation video of stellar quality will cost you less compared to a live action alternative. Moreover, these videos are much more suited to briefing marketing concepts since they are versatile and of several types.

    Don’t seem to be convinced yet? Why don’t you reach out to us and we will leverage the power of animation to meet your satisfaction.

    We come across this question a lot from our clients and let me tell you, videos are just like cookies. Yes, you can enjoy just one cookie but who would want to not have more?

    If you generate amazing results just by a single animated video, why would you not want to include plenty of them for even greater results?

    A series of animated videos, developed strategically which blend different types of content is a marketing force you should reckon with.

    We as animation experts usually recommend our clients to have a series of animated videos that sync with one another to lure in clients and close deals.

    At Nivaan Studios, you will find every animated video created from scratch, specially tailored to meet our client’s requirements.

    We consider this to be essential for capturing the brand’s aesthetics and showcasing it naturally and as accurately as possible.

    You could browse through our portfolio to understand our motive better.

    If you choose to hand over your animation requirements to us, we will bring stellar quality animated videos to your table since we have access to the best quality in the market.

    Feel free to go through our portfolio and see the animation quality we offer for yourself, you surely won’t feel disappointed.

    Let's get to work on your explainer videos, NOW!